Dumbing down and shooting more

As the title might sound a little harsh I better explain. Ive found myself almost not using my cameras anymore, except when somebody asked me to bring it along.
The big SLRs and all the lenses isn’t something you easily bring along on your daily commute or when having a day off with the kids.
So by accident or coincidence I became a instagram account owner. I was on vacation with my kids- Having opted to leave the camera bags at home, because, well I didn’t wanna pull that heavy stuff around.
Suddenly the moment was there. My kids looked well behaved and I had to had a shot of it (for documentation). Only option with a lens was my android phone. Photo looked crappy at best. So I downloaded Instagram and the rest is story and suddenly also a lot of new photos. The outcome of this little story is that also purchased a new point’n’shoot camera. The Fujifilm x10. So far a very nice camera. Gonna post some photos from it very soon.